Envelopes another Day, 2007
exhibition view

Envelopes another Day consists of three separate works: 5 forms, guns I - III and Black / Om / Beast.
Each work is conceived with the idea that it is part of a whole, such as an element of a thought.

Envelopes another Day is a temporary installation that is connected to the space in which it is presented. This space becomes a component of the installation. Yet Envelopes another Day is not a work created in relation to a place, but with this place as an aesthetic element, its structure or history has its importance only as an expression of a previous thought.

5 forms
spreads in the entire room to the extent of the space itself. It consists of 700 of 900 paper-cut-outs that display, arranged according to certain logic and forming a grid, on the walls of the room. All drawings are compositions, combinations, fractions and declinations of five basic shapes from a geometric abstract language that can be frequently encountered in our architectural and urban environment. They are signs of an unspoken language. The hierarchy and the grouping of these signs follow an arbitrary and manic logic. The act to repeat the splitting of each basic shape and to combine them with each other allows to imagine an infinite number of possible forms.
The combinatorial creativity is the minimal subversive act in a system with an intrinsic rigid logic that can be considered as alienating. This relative liberty of transformation leads to modifications, which erases gradually the basic shapes. This, paradoxically, allows to perceive a way out of this obsessive system. The artist emphasizes the obsession and the confinement in a system, which, through its classifications and arbitrary organization, is alienating. The pursuit ad absurdum of the obsession eventuates some liberty through the emergence of new and original forms.

The few blank spaces in this obsession - window blinds - are occupied by coloured ornamental friezes. Behind their aestheticized aspect and the fineness of a repeated motif evoking a decorative element, similar to the frieze on the ceiling, stands out an image of great violence. The iterative elements of the fine friezes are in fact silhouettes of machine guns. The suggested violence of guns I-III reinforces the idea of violence and isolation in the system of 5 forms.

In the middle of the system lies Black/Om/Beast This work is organic and calm and can be associated, as it name indicates, either to a beneficial power or to the fear of its dangerous potential. The abundance of proposals allows different readings. The work is a provocation and an incitement to a loss of distance, making the viewer actor of his reading. A reading that is tainted by his feelings, references and subjective gaze