pain quotidien - täglich brot (daily bread), 2002 -
40 hand made books: publicities, wax cloth, cardboard, glue
variable dimentions
pain quotidien – täglich brot (daily bread) consists of bound books with a red wax cloth cover. Their content is composed of all kind of free brochures and publications, which where cropped and presented in a varied collection without logic. In the library of the Swiss Cultural Centre some of the books were presented on a display for consultation. The others were scattered in the bookshelves of the library like the spread of a virus proliferating in the cultural "body" formed by a library. In their form the books refer to manifestos. The images and texts promote goods and invite to consume but the illogic and fragmentary presentation allows a different and creative reading by skipping through the book.
Actually there are 40 books numerated from 1/∞ to 40/∞.